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"We do these practices so we don't miss the present moment." 

Sarah Powers

Mindfulness Workshop 
 - The Power of Paying Attention 

Thursday 13th April | 6.30-8pm

Online | Free 

As humans our attention is so often drawn away by worries about the future and past when we don't want it to be. 


The power of mindfulness practice is that it trains us to see this unhelpful mind wandering and bring our attention back to what's actually right in front of us in that moment.


Mindfulness helps us to really soak up the colours of the beautiful sunset , or taste the delicious meal we have been waiting for all day, or to really listen to the person in front of us, rather than missing it as we so often do when lost in thinking. ​​

In this workshop you will…


  • Practice some simple attention training meditation practices.

  • Experience some centring mindful movement. 

  • Understand what mindfulness meditation is and what it isn’t. 

  • Learn the helpful torch-beam metaphor for training attention

  • Take away some practices to try at home.

  • Get feedback on your experiences of the practices. 

This workshop is for you if...


  • You are new to mindfulness and want to learn how it could benefit you. 

  • You have an existing practice and would like some inspiration and self-care time. 

  • You have a little experience with meditation but would like to deepen your understanding. 


Important workshop information...


  • This workshop will take place on Zoom and I will ask that you have your camera on for the safety of yourself and the group.

  • You will need a private space (somewhere you can be alone and close the door) so only those in the group hear what others are saying.

  • There is no pressure to speak but there will be encouragement to share via your voice or the chat box.

  • The workshop will only be available to join live and won't be recorded.


If you have any questions about the workshop please contact me at or 07930712425. 


Feedback from my last workshop

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