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Finding Balance Mini Retreat  ** FULLY BOOKED**

Sat 24th Oct // 12.30-4.30pm // Shiva Studio, Nansledan 

Join me for a nourishing and rejuvenating treat of an afternoon filled with breath practices, yoga, meditation and tasty lunch! A day to learn about practices to both lift you up and calm you down, helping us move and adapt to our naturally fluctuating energy patterns. 


12.30-2pm // UPLIFT

The first half of the retreat will be all about practices to energise, uplift and shift stagnant energy when we are feeling stuck and lethargic. We will share a delicious uplifting tea to begin and then move through through breathwork and movement.


For lunch you will feast upon a tasty lunch filled to the brill with goodness to nourish body and soul, provided by the amazing Shiva Cafe.

2.30-4pm CALM

The second half of the retreat will be all about calming and soothing our nervous system with breathwork, Yin and Restorative Yoga and meditation.

Home Practices

I will also give you two mini practices to do at home, one uplifting for when you need a boost and one calming when you need to chill.

Is the day for me?

This retreat day is open to everyone even those who are new to yoga! Let me know if you are recovering from an injury or pregnant up on booking so I can ensure you are well looked-after. 


I am so excited to share this day with you!

Spaces limited to 6 people.


(Includes lunch and teas)

Cancellation Policy 

We understand that plans may change so if you cancel 72hrs before the retreat you will receive a full refund. If you cancel within 72hr before the retreat full payment will still be charged. Please let us know as soon as possible. If for any reason (e.g. a second lockdown) we have to cancel the retreat you will receive a full refund.

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