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Pregnancy Yoga + Mindfulness Workshop 
The Wisdom of Water 

Shiva Yoga Studio, Nansledan

Sunday 25th February 1.30-4pm

£30 includes tea + tasty vegan cake 

This special pregnancy yoga and mindfulness workshop draws wisdom from the water element (from Traditional Chinese Medicine Elemental Theory TCM) to support pregnancy, birth and beyond.


We will explore: 

  • Flowing fluid yogic movement to support pelvic strength and freedom for pregnancy and childbirth.

  • Soothing oceanic breath practices, including using sound to give ourselves and babies a sonic massage. 

  • Mindfulness practices for working with fear in pregnancy and childbirth - fear is the emotion connected with the water element in TCM. 

  • Journalling practice to explore how we can invite water inspired attitudes of acceptance and allowing into our pregnancy journey.

  • Soothing mindfulness meditation practice to aid nervous system regulation and recommendations for practices to take home. 

  • Community connection with other pregnancy women. 

  • Delicious vegan cake + tea. 

My intention for this workshop is for it to be a nourishing treat for your pregnant body, heart and mind during a time of profound transformation.


Any questions, please reach out :) 

Cancellation Policy 

I understand that plans may change so if you cancel 75hours before the workshop you will receive a full refund.

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