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What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a way of being in the world with a kind, open awareness of what is actually happening, as it is happening, without wanting it to be different. This orientation to experience leads us to make wiser choices in our lives.


Mindfulness is for you if you want to... 


Take responsibility for your own wellbeing.

To show up more fully to the small everyday joys of your life.

To learn how to spend less time lost in thoughts, worries, daydreams about the future and the past. 

Be able to meet the difficulties and stresses of your life with greater ease, stability and skilfulness. 

Relate to yourself and others with more kindness and acceptance.

This sounds great! But how do I actually do it? 

You will probably have heard that being present more is a good idea, but you may have struggled with how to actually do it and make it stick?


The thing is mindfulness is not merely an idea but a practice. Trying to learn mindfulness from reading a book or watching some videos alone, is like attempting to learn to cook by just reading recipes. You actually learn to cook by getting in the kitchen! By chopping, frying, mixing and tasting and making mistakes as you go.


Mindfulness is no different, the best way to cultivate greater kind, present moment awareness is by actually practicing meditation. To carve out some time each day to step out of the habitual and unconscious mode in which we live so much of our lives and practice, which we call 'doing mode' and instead practice the 'being mode' of conscious kind awareness. 

And it takes time and courage. Don't expect to meditate for a week and your life to change (although it may start to for sure!) However, you don't need to practice for two hours every day, just 10-20 minutes a day is enough to bring greater peace and wellbeing to your life.

This formal practice then supports you being more present in your daily life, for example really tasting and smelling what you are eating, and really drinking it the sights and sounds of nature on a walk.


What are my qualifications to teach?


I am currently studying a Masters Degree in Teaching Mindfulness Meditation with Bangor University's School of Psychology. So far I have completed two years of training and am qualified to teach mindfulness as level 1 teacher. I am continuing my teacher training through The Mindfulness Network for a few more years to gain my certificate of teaching competence, which is the highest level of mindfulness teacher training available in the UK.

Practice with me...

Mindfulness courses

I teach regular in-person and online mindfulness courses throughout the year.


I am trained to teach the evidence-based 8-week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Course (MBSR) which empirical research has shown to help skilfully manage a range of mental and physical difficulties, such as anxiety disorders, chronic pain, fibromyalgia. I am running an 8-week course from 3rd Feb 2023 


One to one sessions

Perfect for anyone who feels they need individualised support with their practice or if group learning isn't your thing, I can teach mindfulness courses individually. Just give me a call or send me an email to discuss availability and to let me know what you would like to get out of the sessions. 

I charge £40 for an hour session. 

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