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Winter Restorative Yoga Workshop

Shiva Yoga Studio, Nansledan

Sat 13th January 1.30-4pm

£30 includes tea + vegan cake 

The perfect way to embrace a time of hibernation and stillness in nature, within our bodies and beings. 

We will delve into the theme's of winter from Traditional Chinese Medicine and Seasonal Yoga. This includes finding flow and honouring the rest our bodies so crave at this time of year. We will explore the bladder and kidney meridians (energy pathways) of the body and very gently stretch along these lines which run along the back, the backs of the legs and inner legs. 

The session will start with flowing gentle mindful movement and soothing breathwork to ease out any restlessness and tension in the physical body to help the mind become more spacious. 


Then we will move into several deliciously restful restorative poses. These poses are all floor-based positions, where I will guide you to support your body with lots of lovely blankets, bolsters and blocks. The idea is to get the body as comfy as possible to allow the mind and nervous system to soften.


After the poses we will drop into a yoga nidra meditation for winter which is a special style of guided meditation designed to guide you into a state of deep rest. 

We will end with tea and homemade vegan cake as always!

These workshops are a special opportunity for safely held resting and reflection time to take care of yourself in the depths of winter. 

Cancellation Policy 

I understand that plans may change so if you cancel 75hours before the workshop you will receive a full refund.

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